Velas Astrales Gran Guru Reventador

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The unique flame of Velas Astrales Gran Guru Revantador will break and detonate and annihilate anything terrible, insidious, or damage in your life. Furthermore, it additionally will give you a power boost and positive energy for anything you are attempting to accomplish in your life too. It is a Supreme blockbuster, so all powers that are holding you down will vanish and be "separated"; so you will have clear access to the roads of success, prosperity, and whatever you want.


Our Gran Guru candle has spiritual benefits that make it an impressive addition to your home décor. The business dealings that you engage in can be highly appreciated by your boss and can make you overcome your weaknesses. Not exclusively can our wish candles trigger vivid recollections; Revantador can likewise be utilized in recognition of friends and family you have lost.

You can hold candlelight vigils to show support for exact causes. Numerous temples have tables where you can light a flame for a friend or family member. You can beat your opponents in one go if you consume our Velas Astrales Gran Guru Revantador. Boost your senses and engage in positive and spiritually enlightening activities to make your everyday life better.

  • Help overcome negativities.
  • Get rid of the negative spirits that surround you.
  • Energize your senses.
  • Exclusive quality is promised.
  • This candles use to the purpose; Health, Mental power, Business, Love, Overcome adversaries at work, relationships, enemies, Judgments Legal issues.
  • Achiever Achieve the objectives that have been proposed.

Customer Reviews

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Reina hougus

One of the best wish candles I have ever bought. Really happy!!

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad you're enjoying the candle!