Copal Resin Incense

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  • Used for purification and religious purpose
  • Soothing aroma

The Mayan Indians hold copal as very sacred and have used it in ceremonies given that historic times. The name for copal is pom in Mayan tongue. Copal resin is said to reveal invisible energies that appear to be rays of sunlight filtering through an early morning mist. Healers regularly used it as a diagnostic device to help them see the deeper dimensions of a consumer's energy area by means of staring at through the smoke to discover energy blockages and dis-ease.

The White Copal Resin Incense is also used for clearing and clarifying the thoughts because it holds the have an effect on of purification and safety.  The dried natural resin, whilst burned, emits a smell much like frankincense however with a lighter, citrusy tone.

The resin is formed when the tree is reduced and a thick milky liquid seeps out. It is far dark in color, very black, however it modifies the color as it dries.

Light the charcoal with matches or lighter for about 20 seconds till it self-ignites. Use tongs to hold it up. Put the lighted charcoal in a bowl or an incense burner. The bowl or incense burner must be full of sand or dust.  Permit the charcoal warm for a few minutes. After that add a small quantity of resin on top of the charcoal. The resin will burn and shortly launch fragrant oils thru the smoke. Retain to region resins or powder on charcoal as they burn out and smoke decreases for a non-stop burn.


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TL Robinson
Copal incense

Received! Can't wait to try it!

Hope you will LOVE it :)..

Carmela Martinez

Copal Resin Incense

Thank you!

Amazing quality & scent

Copal is amazing when used with an incense burner and this has a great scent to it.


I ordered this consent four ounces a week ago just got my order in a few days ago I burnt it a burnt pretty well smoke up the place which I like so I will definitely order more.

Thanks for the review! We're glad you enjoyed the product!