Wish Candle - Lluvia de Suerte- Rain of Luck

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Our candles are prepared in the glass with a prayer written on the back of it in Spanish that helps keep the evil and negative spirits away, making your soul and mind clear from all the crap. This Lluvia de Suerte candle represents the rain of luck that means it takes away the stress and invites the good vibes in the house.


When you feel low or have less energy to perform tasks effectively, you need to light up this wish candle as it helps you gain positivity and stimulates your senses. Invigorate your spiritual capabilities by getting spiritual benefits from Lluvia de Suerte. When you are involved in a spiritual and meditating exercise, your soul needs to get rid of all the evil spirits that surround you, and we provide you this soulful experience.

Regardless of whether you love fruity aromas, woodsy fragrances, or something in the middle, lighting a scented candle denotes your space as your own and uplifts your mood in seconds. Good luck awaits you and enters your house when you light up the Lluvia De Suerte candle, whose flame invites good luck and prosperity.

  • Uplifts your mood and lightens the environment.
  • Attracts good luck in life.
  • Surrounds you with positivity.
  • Goodbye to the evil powers.
  • This is a prepared (fixed) 7 day scented candle in glass for Rain of Luck
  • (Lluvia De Suerte ) with a prayer on the back written in Spanish.
  • This candle is used to attract good luck into your life.

Customer Reviews

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Anna Caldren
Positive energy

This candle boosts my inner energy to build up my confidence. It helps me remove my stresses and induce relaxation. The mood become enlighten and stress free.

Dear Anna Caldren, Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that the Wish Candle - Lluvia de Suerte- Rain of Luck is helping you to achieve a positive energy and relaxing mood.

Cris D.
Spiritual healing

This candle helped me to gain spiritual healing.