Wish Candle - Regresa a Mi

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This lovely wish candle comes prepared with solid affection oils, powders and the sky is the limit from there. Regresa a Mi means come back to me, so it helps you gain the lost love of your life. Our Regresa a Mi candle essentially compose both craving's names and appreciate!


Regresa a Mi candle is incredible to use for strengthening any relationship. This candle is set up to inpatient your loved one, pull in them towards you have that adoration one have eyes just on you. When you feel heartbroken and gloomy for no particular reason, utilize our scented candle named Regresa a Mi. Santera arranges our candles with solid oils, spices, powders, and considerably more. It is an unmatched quality candle to utilize and feel more warmth among you and your adored ones.

Candles are typically fused with reflection and have limitless advantages. The flame of Regresa, a Mi unique candle, will help alleviate pressure and strain and leave you with a new and better look. It is time to boost your spiritual capabilities, making you feel confident in inviting the one you lost. Burning this candle aids you to draw in love and attraction from the person you feel attracted towards personally. 

  • Come back to me, candle.
  • Burns for almost 120 hours.
  • Complete any ritual or ceremony.
  • Sold as a curio.
  • It helps as a tool to aid in prayers.
  • Come back to me
  • Con feromonas
  • Burn this candle to attract love or sex from your significant other, or to meet someone who can fulfill your needs.
  • Use with Come to Me anointing oil and incense to complete your ritual.
  • The candle is in a glass jar and is 8" high x 2 wide.
  • Burns for 120 hours.
  • Candle designs may be slightly different at times due to manufacturer supply.
  • Colors will remain the same.
  • Sold as a curio and as a tool to aid in your prayers and/or rituals.

Customer Reviews

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Tylor Dickens
Enticing aroma

The alluring aroma of the candles helps to get back the partner and lowers the pressure of strains.

Dear Tylor Dickens, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that the candles have a pleasing aroma and help to relieve pressure.

Anna hathway
It worked

I don't know if its the candle or not but it worked. He came back to me.
Thank you.