Wooden Cone Incense Burner

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  • Hand carved wooden temple burner for cone incense
  • Can also be used with incense charcoal for resin incense and incense cone
  • Approximately 5 inches high overall
  • Metal plate can be removed to clean the product

Wooden cone incense burner is for cone incense and resin incense. Charcoal can also be burnt to burn resin incense. This nicely crafted incense burner is 5 inches in height. The pyramid part is attached to the base with a hinge. The smoke comes out of the decoration carves. It is a very nice piece to give as a gift.

These are hand made products and the design might be different from the picture.


Customer Reviews

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Raju Jibon
Well crafted

A wooden cone incense burner is a type of incense holder designed to hold and burn cone-shaped incense. These burners are typically made of wood and have a hollowed-out area on top where the incense cone is placed.

Dear Raju Jibon, Thank you for the review! The wooden cone incense burner is well crafted and makes burning cone-shaped incense easy.

Agnes A. Spillman
Wonderful Incense Burner

This is a lovely item, so very well made. Excellent quality and great price. The wooden cone incense burner is a wonderful product.