7-Chakra Pyramid

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7-Chakra Pyramid


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7 crystal slices one for each of the 7 main chakra points

  • Amethyst ~ Crown
  • Blue aventurine ~ Third Eye
  • Turquoise ~ Throat
  • Green aventurine ~ Heart
  • Yellow aventurine ~ Plexus
  • Peach aventurine ~ Sacral
  • Red jasper ~ Root Chakra

It's miles one of the most effective gear to heal your chakras and harmonize your thoughtsframe, and soul. The pyramid’s energy is considered to have supernatural or paranormal properties.

Chakras still suggest the wheels of light in Sanskrit. The chakras are the seven electricity points within the human frame that flow into strength or the life pressure also called prana. They are vertically aligned within the center of the frame near the backbone. If the chakras are unbalanced — no longer well aligned or blocked — it can have an effect on physical and intellectual health. The spiritual development is also related to the good health of the chakra.

Pyramid has a special property to deflect any type of cosmic radiations that fall on its apex downwards via its final analysis at the lowest in which this deflected cosmic radiation, with the assist of the magnetic area of Earth’s gravitational pressure, create a new and powerful bio-electricity discipline.

Secondly, as pyramid deflects all radiations that fall on its apex thru its bottom from all of its 4 aspects, the inner center of the pyramid stays unaffected and secure, and surrounded through a powerful bio-strength subject on all facets, which allows to keep the things and gadgets stored within the pyramid for a long time.

Pyramids have a strong ionization impact on the bodyTerrible ions beautify the oxygen consumption of the human body and thru that, reinforce properly-being. Meditating under the pyramid or simply taking a sleep below a pyramid enables to synchronize the seven chakras of the frame.

Human beings enjoy feeling calmness to extreme euphoria throughout their meditation periods inside the pyramids. Most peoplewho have experimented with pyramid meditation, describe themselves as experiencing a complete rest of their bodyfollowed by the shutting out of unnecessary outside stimuli and inappropriate thoughts and ultimately reaching an altered country of focus which allows them to pay attention to deeper inner stages.

1. Root Chakra – Red: The basis Chakra serves to draw strength from herbal sources and nature and helps rework it into existence energyThis is also called as base chakra’ ‘the first chakra’.

2. Sacral Chakra – Orange: The Sacral Chakra, also referred to as the ‘the second chakra,’ is the center of sexual power and the pleasure of life

3Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow: The sun Plexus Chakra, additionally known as the ‘the third chakra,’ is the repository of power from which the strength of life and power drift in the course of the whole body

4. Coronary Heart Chakra – Inexperienced: The heart Chakra, also called ‘the fourth chakra,’ is in the middle of the chakra machine and the middle of the human body. It is a link between the lower three chakras and the higher 3 chakras.

5. Throat Chakra – Blue: The Throat Chakra, also known as ‘the 5th chakra,’ represents the transition to the two better chakras located within the head. 

6. Third Eye Chakra – Indigo: The Third Eye Chakra is ‘the 6th chakra’ and a spiritual middle of the body that is strongly associated with awareness and awareness

7. Crown Chakra – Violet: The Crown Chakra symbol is a lotus flower with a thousand petals. The number one thousand symbolizes perfection and accomplishment and indicators the seventh chakra’s significance because of the most vital energy channel.

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    7 Chakra pyramid

    The pyramid has the power to deflect the negative power and can reduce the effect of evil. Different chakra can eradicate different problems of your life.

    Happy with it

    A beautiful pyramid that contains lovely energy. The stone was in perfect condition and presented a "natural" appearance - exactly what I love in stones and crystals.