Backflow Incense Burner- Dragon Head

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This delightfully etched mythical dragon head incense burner will add an exquisite touch and a hint of caprice to any of your number one spaces. It is an ideal present for your favorite dream lover, gamer, or Game of Thrones fan. Our Dragon Head Burner is a fantastic masterpiece, just as a good incense burner, with a super reasonable plan that permits incense smoke to ascend from your noses like a genuine fire-breathing mythical beast. It is an adaptable burner as it is utilized to hold the two cones and incense.


Mythical Dragon Head Backflow incense burner is a lovely green burner that keeps the Backflow incense cone in the top of the winged dragon, and smoke emerges from its nose. What makes this Dragon Head Incense Burner so unique isn't its degree of detail. However, that makes it an enjoyment to take a gander at. It consumes the incense in a fantastic and outwardly shocking manner.

This winged dragon incense burner portrays, in unparalleled detail, an incredible purple mythical beast head and part of its neck. The neck is removed, so it sits level on any table or surface, while the head highlights dark ornaments, white horns, and brilliant yellow eyes that look so similar, it is surprising.

The nose piece falls off and goes about as the Best Backflow incense holder, and it will oblige incense sticks effortlessly. When the incense is lit, you essentially supplant the nose piece, total with a post, which hangs with full grace in the burner. And afterward, gradually, smoke will start to leak out from the mythical dragon's nostrils, making it seem as though this monster is breathing smoke!

The incense burner is made altogether from a cold cast pitch that has been hand-painted to give it a particularly extraordinary look. It estimates around 12 inches in length. This mythical dragon may not inhale fire; however, give it a stick of your top incense, and this Dragon Head Incense Burner will place a ton of excellent smelling smoke noticeable all around, just for you to appreciate. It is a fabulous present for admirers of aroma and mythical serpent stories.

  • Aesthetic backflow Incense Burner.
  • Luxurious quality guaranteed.
  • Stress reliever grants positivity.
  • An intricately designed backflow incense burner.

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Rothwell
Interesting product

The dragon head looks amazing and when the incense cones are burned on top of the head, the smoke comes out of the nose of the dragon. It's funny but looks interesting and my kids are already in love of this.

Dear Lauren Rothwell, Thank you for your review! We're glad you're enjoying the Backflow Incense Burner- Dragon Head!

Joseph A. Lind
Amazing Product

Bought it for my mum and she loves it. The delivery was also so quick I was in shock! Thanks for dealing with me being picky. Customer service 20/10, would definitely buy more!