Backflow Incense Burner- Purple Dragon Head

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Our metallic purple smoke incense burner is a unique point of convergence in any room and is the ideal present for folklore and dream darlings. It produces using cold-cut tar; these backflow burners measure 4" tall. This burner comes prepared for use with one backflow incense cone use; however, you can read our assortment of scented backflow cones if you're eager for more.


The Falling Incense dragon head has a soothing impact on your soul when you want to meditate for gaining spiritual enlightenment; for best results, consume inside in a space with smoldering heat from any unexpected air developments.

Dragon Backflow Incense burner is typical for a light buildup to show up on the burner; it is suggested to ensure any placed furniture. Our Dragon head incense burner looks like a dragon smoke waterfall as the smoke flows out of the dragon head. It is typical for cones to require a couple of moments after being lit to begin making the downwards smoking impact.

A tremendous determination of backflow incense cones is available on the Incense Pro website. Our dream and gothic mythical dragon head range are incredible passage level gatherers things as they are very much planned and made however are as yet extraordinary worth.

It has been produced using resin and has been exclusively completed in rich dream tones to create an eye-getting enriching puppet.

  • Made of Cold Cast Resin
  • Relaxes soul and body
  • For use with backflow incense cones as it were
  • Just discharge incense cones work with this item
  • Standard incense cones won't make the ideal impact.

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