Bergamot Body Oil

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Bergamot is a citrus fruit the size of an orange. Our Bergamot body oil has a light lemony scent with floral notes believed to possess healing properties. Bergamot body oil is said to have the same characteristics as grapefruit oil which means it is antiseptic and relieves pain. It has a classic sweet and tart smell. However, expect to spot a spicy edge while you inhale. It is highly fragrant and pairs very well with other scents such as rosemary and sandalwood.

This complex, unique and robust scent profile draws many people’s attention towards it. Inhaling increases serotonin production, which is the “feel-good” hormone. This physiological effect helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate. When massaged thoroughly into the skin, it also works as an antibacterial agent.

It is believed to treat acne, depression, headaches, and Insomnia. It helps elevate mood and alleviate stress and anxiety on a biochemical level. It is profoundly beneficial for the skin as it hydrates and maintains it. It promotes the health of your skin and flourishes it. You will feel like your body has been polished, and your skin will feel as clean and smooth as new after a few uses.

  • Citrusy and juicy scents
  • Known to cure skin infections
  • Medicinal properties
  • Promotes psychological health

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Reza Ahmed
Medicinal oil

It has a fine fragrance with medicinal properties to use in aromatherapy.
Hope to get it soon.