Black Salt / Sal Negra

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Black Salt or Sal Negra in Spanish helps to eliminate individuals that you don't need in your life. This salt is hood for protection and getting rid of negative energy. Black Salt is otherwise called witch salt for its assurance properties. It is entirely expected to utilize dark salt to eliminate terrible neighbors. It is an extraordinary dim salt, notable in Latin elusive custom.

The spiritual properties include black salt's uses to assimilate any regrettable energy present in a climate. It is similarly valid for adversely charged items covered up in the house, and the black salt will work, as given over, even against them, drop. You should never use it on yourself, just for shedding. It makes a Monticello of residue inside a room around evening time.

The day after you eliminate it and toss it down the channel, at that point, continue to a story-cleaning liquid with an appropriate measure to reestablish positive energy balance set up and harmonization of the sort Seven Powers or Palo Santo. You can utilize this Black salt powder against the abhorrent adversaries and neighbors, for this situation ought to be tossed against the entryway.

However, if you know who individuals work contrarily and need to send back what we have thrown at are, it will launch against their lobby. The Black salt benefits you and can purge even sorcery things that had a place with others or items of questionable beginning. It would help if you drenched in a shower of Sal Negra and water, leave for an evening. So the next day, flushed, and there will be a second wash with water and blessed black salt; at that point, you can utilize a cleanser secure suitable to the well-being of what we apply black salt. Black salt benefits spiritually, so sprinkle around the house to be careful from the hostile stare, foes, and undesirable spirits.

  • It helps to protect from horrible neighbors.
  • Sprinkle black salt to stay safe from enemies.
  • Keep in a jar in the entrance to keep evil away.
  • They are used in rituals and ceremonies to cleanse the soul.
How to use Black Salt:
1. Sprinkle some black salt around your home that will work as a protective barrier.
2. For your personal protection keep some in a small bag with you and in your car, work place.
3. To discourage the return of a negative person sprinkle some black salt in the footsteps of that person.
4. When the salt serves it purpose gather and dispose,

Customer Reviews

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Bahar Rehman
Witch salt

It's well-known effect of getting rid of negative energy made it famous. It can be used for protection cause even one pinch of this salt proof to be the best remover.

Dear Bahar Rehman, Thanks for the review! Witch salt is an excellent choice for removing negative energy and protecting yourself from harmful spells. It's also great for purification rituals and ceremonies.

Sara B. Pyron
The salt has been so helpful

Great purchase! This seems to have done the trick!! Many thanks!

Thank you!