Blue Nile Resin Incense

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The Blue Nile is a brand of resin incense that is perfect for filling any room with a pleasant, relaxing scent. The incense is made of natural resins and woods and has a light, sweet smell that is perfect for meditation or simply enjoying the moment. The Blue Nile is also said to have therapeutic benefits and can be used to help ease stress and anxiety.

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Customer Reviews

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Aurora Sen
Authentic Product

The smell has a therapeutic effect on body. Somewhat impacts on the mind as an anxiety reliever. Full of natural ingredients.

Dear Aurora Sen, Thank you for your review of our Blue Nile Resin Incense. We are glad to know that you enjoy the authentic scent and the therapeutic effect it has on your body. The mind-altering effect may be due to the fact that the incense is made with natural ingredients. Thanks for choosing Blue Nile!

Revira De Carte
Highly spiritual

This resin incense leaves out the negative energy out of the mind by enhancing the positive vibes in our minds.
This reflects the real power of the river nile which makes the environment more soothing.