Blue Sage- 4 Inches

  • Blue sage leaves

Blue Sage- 4 Inches


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Blue sage herb heals your soul having medicinal properties that are beneficial for spiritual enlightenment. Blue Sage, otherwise called "Grandmother Sage," is a cleansing spice with wide therapeutic and spiritual applications.


Blue sage is an individual from the Mint family, and the blue sage's scientific name is Salvia azurea. "Salvia" is a name that signifies "healer," alluding to this old name for a sage with therapeutic properties. The species name "azurea" is Latin for "sky blue." Blue Sage is generally utilized for purifying and refinement purposes. It gives spiritual strength, and here and it is used during expulsion ceremonies to eliminate the foul spirits.

Blue Sage is native to the deserts of Southwestern North America and is a thorny bush. It's named for its plentiful blue blossoms, yet the leaves additionally have a bluish cast. Blue sage leaves are slim and have a scent that is both herbaceous and floral, like Lavender. A nearby relative of White Sage, Blue Sage is additionally helpful for recuperating and purging customs.

Its calming, loosening up smell can be utilized to help meditate or consumed just for happiness. It's not as impactful as White Sage and is more pleasing to certain people who track down the solid, propping aroma of White Sage overwhelming. They utilized sage for some reasons, including mending, energy purifying, to eliminate negative energy and ceremonial functions. Verifiably, medication individuals used sage purifying on sick individuals to bring them back from the negative space where their body and soul lived by then. Today, Native Americans use it in sage purging functions for individuals who are looking for balance and pure considerations. 

  • Helps purify spiritually.
  • High-quality sage for religious purification.
  • Repair balance.
  • Improves psychological health.