Ceder Smudge Stick

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Cedar smudge sticks have been utilized for quite a long time in rituals and purifying practices. It's most famous for its ability to cleanse places, things, and individuals. Cedar is most famous for its capacity to draw feeling tremendous and take out regrettable energy. In Native American custom, it was utilized to convey petitions to the creator.

There are various types of cedar smudge sticks that are used for healing purposes from ancient times. Cedar sticks are herbs of sanctification that invite your guardians to hold the energy of your custom space. This four-inch smirch stick is made of pure cedar tips, which advance strength, defensive characteristics, and desirable characteristics to your working. It is generally advantageous for your work environment. Some native societies consume cedar alone, be it tip or bark, for purging purposes.

You do not have to worry about using cedar smudge sticks; we are here to help you. You can crush it up and consume it on charcoal circles. Then again, light the end and victory. Stroll around and permit the wand to seethe. After smirching, it's ideal for laying it in a flame-resistant bowl or Abalone Shell to consume it out. The purging force of the shells assists with keeping the cedar stimulated for the next go around. When done, snuff out the discharge against an abalone shell, store it away in an included pocket and put something aside to reuse in the future. At whatever point you need to re-balance your psychological body, light up the cedar smudge prayer stick to embrace positivity. 

  • Cleanse your senses.
  • Effective for uplifting household and business environment.
  • Increase positivity.
  • Cedar is often used to cleanse a home or apartment.
  • Cedar smudges can make a good alternative for people who prefer not to use Sage. 
  • The smudge stick is approximately 4" in length.
  • The smudge stick comes individually packaged in a plastic bag. 
  • It is most beneficial for your place of work.

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Dion Ferr
Ritual sticks

Cedar smudge sticks are used in cleansing the soul and are very often used in rituals. Very helpful in increasing positivity.

Dear Dion Ferr, Thanks for the review! We're glad you like the cedar smudge sticks!

Susan Guidry
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Fast Shipping! I'm happy with this purchase. Thank You!

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