Cinnamon - Pure Resin Incense Stick

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Cinnamon is a warm and homely incense that emanates a sweet yet spicy aroma that is perfect for relaxing and calming the nerves. Cinnamon is usually used in baked items; hence it reminds one of the delicious sweet eateries which spread love and happiness. Cinnamon incense sticks made out of resin have a woodsy, spicy, and delicious smell that spreads throughout the space. These incense sticks are ideal for bakeries, coffee shops, and cozy bookstores as they can attract customers towards buying products


They are commonly known for their power of boosting concentration and act as a shield against harmful infections. They are great for burning during meditation, yoga, and such stress-relieving activities.

Cinnamon incense sticks are mainly used during the holiday season, such as Christmas, due to their warm, welcoming, cozy and homely aura. Being utilized as an aromatic ingredient, cinnamon is traditionally used in various cultures. It is mixed with other aromatic ingredients and natural extracts blended with soothing oils to deliver the scent.

The spicy scent is also used to help get rid of insomnia as it releases anxiety, depression, and stress. A clear mind and a cozy environment help one sleep faster. In some cultures, it is also believed towards off any negative energies and spread positivity. It is related to the natural fire element.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-diabetic
  • It helps get rid of bacterial and fungal infections faster.
  • Clairvoyance, consecration, energy, good luck, divination, love, money, peace, prosperity, passion, protection, psychic development, success.
  • Communication, happiness, harmony, healing, inspiration, knowledge, meditation, purification, spirituality, tranquility, wisdom Lore.
  • Each pack includes 10, 10" long sticks.
  • Hand-made, hand-rolled, and hand-dipped using high-quality resins, herbs, and essential oils and dried naturally by the Sun.

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Hope A. Frazier
Love the Incense as well!!

I’ve bought from this shop multiple times, best incense out there hands down.