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Citrine Bracelet


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Our unique and genuine citrine abundance bracelet comprises great round shape certified citrine globules. As per Feng-Shui and reiki specialists, it is a super-abundance upgrading bracelet. Citrine carries cash luck to the individuals who wear it on their accepting hand. 

Real Citrine Bracelet produces increasingly more pay, duplicates in abundance, and thriving. It improves professional luck at your workplace, making you prosper in every step you take. It helps you in staying in front of your rivals. As per numerology, citrine is an incredible stone for individuals with a date of birth 3, 12, 21, or 30. Citrine is a gemstone of light, joy, and abundance. It is the unique gemstone for indication and can assist you with accomplishing your objectives and rejuvenate your goals.

Citrine gemstones bracelet benefits and assists you with getting flourishing, riches, and bounty in your life. It is also called "Success Stone," "Merchant's Stone," as it aids in improving your business dealings. Citrine is a blissful stone with splendid energy which illuminates numerous parts of the lives of the individuals who wear it.

It has powers of favorable luck and best of luck; these may show up surprisingly. It aids to advance and show achievement and bounty, especially in business. Citrine is a sunlight-based plexus chakra stone utilized powerfully to increment, amplify and explain individual force and energy. This expanded personal force can be used for the engaged expectation of the person, as it brings self-control too. Citrine is an excellent stone to use to battle negative energy of any sort by separating them and scattering them.

It is helpful to clear unwanted energies from the climate. It can carry satisfaction to the individual who conveys or wears it. Due to its expulsion of negative energy and inspiration, it can ease wretchedness, self-uncertainty, outrage, and silly emotional episodes. A natural citrine bracelet is helpful to lessen reckless inclinations. Citrine can help beat enthusiastic injuries and sadness that may prompt these sincerely foolish issues.

  • Helps beat melancholy.
  • Encourages self-assurance.
  • Fortifies the nerves,
  • Balances the sunlight-based plexus chakra.


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  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Ajim Roth
    Cash stone

    Powers the favorable luck and changes fortune. Somewhere its also called success stone.

    Kathryn M. Gerlach
    Adorable bracelet

    My bracelets came faster than expected. When I opened the package they were in a beautiful little bag. I love them and am cleansing them right now. Can't wait to wear them. I would order from here again. Thank you for the great experience.

    Thank you!