Amethyst Cluster

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The eye-getting amethyst gems have a long history of implications and properties and were well-known to deliver the perfect desires of humanity.


Amethyst crystal meaning derives from the Greek word 'ametusthos,' which signifies 'not inebriated.' For quite a long time, Amethyst has been believed to be helpful in the avoidance of intoxication and overindulgence, which is why antiquated Greeks donned Amethyst and cut out drinking vessels from it. Amethyst is the most famous assortment of quartz gems viewed as the most impressive and defensive stone. It is a semiprecious violet stone that is regularly utilized in rocks and for mending purposes. It has been pursued all through the ages for its shocking tones and capacity to animate psyche and feelings. 

Amethyst crystal has healing properties and is a unique and defensive stone. It makes preparations for the clairvoyant assault, changing the energy into adoration and shielding you from a wide range of mischief, including geopathic or electromagnetic pressure and sick wishes from others.

Amethyst crystal bracelet is a characteristic tranquilizer; it eases anxiety, calms fractiousness, balances disposition swings, scatters outrage, fury, dread, and uneasiness. Reduces trouble and despair and breaks down antagonism. Amethyst enacts spiritual mindfulness, opens instinct, and improves clairvoyant capacities. It has solid recuperating and purifying forces.

Amethyst crystal benefits and empowers moderation, soberingly affecting overindulgence of liquor, drugs, or different addictions. It quiets and invigorates the psyche, assisting you with getting engaged, upgrading memory, and improving inspiration. Amethyst helps with recalling and getting dreams. It eases a sleeping disorder and supports benevolence and otherworldly shrewdness. Corresponding and elective medication professionals, much of the time, use gems to help in mending the psyche and body. 

  • Purple amethyst crystal.
  • Best stress reliever stone.
  • Enthusiastic and emotional well-being claims.
  • Helps work out the real problems in relationships.
  • Pairs best with rose quartz crystal.
  • Promotes peaceful sleep.

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It is very hard to find such a beautiful cluster at such a great price. It came well packaged and much quicker than estimated.

Thank you for your review! We're happy to hear that you're pleased with the quality of the Amethyst Cluster and that it was a great price.