Cluster Crystal Citrine

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Natural Citrine Custer Crystal is yellow in shading, and Citrine carries the force of the sun. It is well-known for being an incredible chemical and regenerator. It gives warmth and energy as it has to empower properties. We would call it a decent round precious stone to raise confidence just as rouse and renew the brain.

Citrine quartz Crystals are notable as powerful recuperating precious stones for you to use to help you. There are different tones and kinds of this brilliant yellow stone, and all will help you show expanded bounty and success. They likewise bring satisfaction, delight, and other positive things and circumstances into your life! It makes Citrine an amazing Stone of Abundance, as they carry bountiful endowments to all aspects of your life. Citrine conveys the force of the sun. It is a beneficial stone that is warming and empowering. Citrine is an incredible cleaning agent and healer and a couple of precious stones that never require cleaning. 

Other Citrine Cluster healing properties include: 

  • It helps assimilate, create changes, disseminates, and grounds negative energy.
  • Secures your atmosphere.
  • It shows you how to establish and draw in abundance, flourishing, achievement, and every beneficial thing.
  • It confers delight and deliveries cynicism.
  • Assists you with fostering an uplifting outlook.
  • It helps in balancing your feelings. 
  • Valuable for smoothing family or gathering disagreement.
  • Upgrades distinction.
  • It raises your confidence and self-assurance.
  • Citrine makes you less sensitive, particularly to analysis.
  • Advances inner peace.
  • Supports self-articulation.
  • It purifies your Chakras, particularly the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras.
  • Initiates your Crown Chakra and assists with instinct and inventiveness 

Raw Citrine Cluster draws in abundance, thriving, and achievement. It bestows happiness, marvel, and eagerness. It mostly invigorates the mind, fortifying the insight. Improves fixation and rejuvenates the psyche. It discharges negative qualities, discouragement, and fears.


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The stones are a nice size. Not as dark as in the picture, but no doubt citrine. Shipped quickly. Great price.