Copal Hem Incense Cones

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Copal is a resin obtained from shrubs and trees of the botanical genus Bursera. Copal Incense Cones are believed to encourage and enhance harmony in your home. Light it to eradicate fights and quarrels and inspire union amongst people. Its relaxing and calm aura promises to create peace and serenity in your abode.


Popularly known to be a purifying agent, it is often used to cleanse the environment of your dwelling. If you find yourself getting confused and lost in the chaos of work, invest in this incense cone to fight your stresses for you. Not only does it increase concentration, but it balances your state of mind.

Its citrus and piney scent is popularly used for spiritual energies. If you are feeling low, burn this copal incense to dispel any bad energies that might be disturbing your mental peace. The majority of people agree with this aromatic product’s ability to affect human beings positively. Order from the best and see the results; in your emotional wellbeing, for yourself!

      - 10 Incense Cones in each pack

      - 12 packs in each box

  • Tackles Insomnia
  • Cleansing agent
  • Superior quality Incense Cone
  • Creates a serene environment

Customer Reviews

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Lovely Incense Cone

I bought 150 of the Copal cones for my sister's birthday and she loves them, The smell and the way they flow. I 10/10 would recommend it.

Thank you!