Copal Incense Stick

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Holy Copal incense sticks bring you pure, veritable, hand-tailored Copal resin incense in stick structure from the Mountains of Central and Southern Mexico. Since old occasions, these incense sticks have been one of the primary conductors through which Mesoamerican Natives acclaim and interface with the Great Mystery, assuming a critical part in their customs, contributions, and scrubs. Copal is a tree pitch utilized by way of life of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica as stylized incense.


When consumed charcoal, it's anything but a light, citrus, and piney fragrance that can be utilized for profound purging and clearing. Copal was being used in antiquated Maya and Aztec services as a custom contribution to the divine beings.

The white smoke created from consuming copal gum relates with supportive soul partners. Our best copal incense sticks clean the energy of spaces, places, and items, pursuing away lousy points and making space for positive changes to happen.

Copal is an incredible energy device to use in your reflections. It is associated with the crown chakra, and it assists with extending our awareness, empowering unadulterated considerations during our contemplations.

Hem Copal Incense Stick fortifies our auric body, otherwise called our electromagnetic field, eliminating all energy blockages. It is valuable amid the stress and incredible to lighten sensations of misery since it helps move and change negative musings.

The conventional method of utilizing copal was done through the Sahumerio smirching, consuming the tar on coals or charcoal in a copalera, and getting the smoke that falls off altogether to purge, ensure, feel good, and be honored.

  • 10-gram pack.
  • 8 incense sticks.
  • 25 packs in a box.
  • Banish Negative Energy.
  • Awaken the Senses.
  • Incense Brings Good Luck.

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little kombucha
Love !

The go to site for ordering incense. Fast delivery, great selections. These smelled amazing !

Great scent, burns for a long time.

Great scent, burns for a long time, large quantity. So many sticks for so little money! These burn for a long time as well