Copal Resin Incense Sticks

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Copal Incense Sticks have the powers of clearing, healing, and protection. In Mexico and Central America, they are known as the "blood of trees. Since ancient times it is the holiest resin utilized for rituals in the Aztec and Mayan cultures. In ancient times Mayans used copal for purification, safety, healing, divination, passion, and other spiritual ceremonies. They burned its resin as an offering to their gods. Burn copal incense stick to purify, guard and renew yourself and your surroundings.


When copal resin sticks are burned, they emit the most beautiful earthy fragrance. Copal resin is also called young amber – it inhibits all the light, uplifting, and vivid energy of youth with amber's healing and sanctifying properties. It rejuvenates and amplifies energy for those who are tired and worn out.

When burned, copal incense sticks emit a mystical fragrance which Natives call the Sacred Smoke.

Copal incense sticks are used for various occasions, such as ceremonies, cleansings rituals, prayers, funerals, lodges, weddings, blessings, aromatherapy, meditation, spiritual healing, and massage therapy.

Copal smoke is also used for medicinal purposes, especially in rural areas. It is believed that allowing copal smoke to pass over the body cures multiple illnesses. Copal fumes shield oneself against witchcraft, sickness, depression, and bad luck. In addition, natives use copal to purify the body and soul after contact with sick persons and corpses.

  • Great to enhance your meditation experience
  • Healing and purifying energy
  • Uplifting quality
  • Medicinal qualities

Customer Reviews

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Purifies mind

When it's burned, it exerts a simple and basic fragrance of soothing aroma that helps to reduce the negative energies. I feel the aroma boosts my confidence and uplifts my mind.

Dear Jason Coyle, Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that the Copal Resin Incense Sticks have been helpful in purifying the mind and boosting confidence.

Eric Peters
Incense Sticks

I love them! They smell amazing! Pure Copal just as the box says.

Thank you!!

TL Robinson
Long lasting

I love this brand of Copal incense! Long lasting burn, strong scented and It's hard to find. Thank you!

Thanks for the review.

Amanda Mitchell
love the scent

I love the scent of this. It burns much longer than other incense I've tried.

Great Smells

Smells great, faintly reminds me of Dragon's Blood but sweeter, and not as earthy. Melts really easy and can be used either on charcoals

Hi there, thank you for your review of our Copal Resin Incense Sticks! We're glad to hear that they smell great and faintly remind you of Dragon's Blood, and that they melt easily and can be used on charcoals. We hope you enjoy them!