Flax Seed Carrier Oil

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Add shine and smoothness to your hair with our Flax Seed Carrier Oil! Just a few drops of this oil will help to reduce hair breakage, hydrate your scalp, and give you healthy and bouncy locks. Use it on your skin to enjoy softer, more supple skin that is less prone to drying out and developing fine lines and wrinkles. Our carrier oil is rich in vitamin E and other nutrients that encourage skin cells to heal quickly, so it's perfect for use on blemishes, cuts, and scars. It's also great for massages! Our carrier oil comes in two convenient sizes: 2oz and 4oz. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

  • Rich in Vitamin E,

  • Reduces Hair Breakage.

  • Hydrated, moist, and smooth skin,

  • Prevent skin drying

  • Reduce the look of fine lines,

  • Wrinkles & dullness,

  • Encourage skin cells to heal more quickly.


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Rocky B.
Good deal

Quality product in such discount, is really a good deal for me.