Crystal Ball- Red Tigers Eye

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Red Tiger Eye sphere is an animating stone and can uphold inspiration and enthusiasm. Utilize Red Tiger Eye benefits with the Root Chakra to ground thoughts into the actual world or determine issues that mess up a relationship. Its attention on the lower chakras is the thing that enables the red Tiger Eye to send positive energy to your body.


It connects to the mystical tiger, the ruler of monsters in Eastern folklore; Tiger Eye depicts fortitude, uprightness s, and force. It conjures basic intuition and expands your association with nature and creatures.

Tiger Eye has healing properties as it is a careful stone, carrying sharpness to your vision and comprehension. The red tiger's eye crystal ball helps to build knowledge and discernment in new spots or conditions and for insurance against the negative aims of others. It is known as the "Stone of the Mind" Tiger Eye assists you with remaining solid, strong, and centered during seasons of overpowering difficulties and interruptions.

It aids in fabricating boldness to defeat dread, uncertainty, vulnerability, and other self-restricting convictions. It can center the brain, advancing mental clarity, helping us to determine issues unbiased and unclouded by feelings. Tiger Eye helps shift your perspective and improves discipline; thus, it is an incredible stone for making abundance just as vanquishing despondency.

  • It is valuable for mending psychosomatic diseases
  • It dissipates depression and tension.
  • It improves your perception.
  • It adjusts yin and yang, stimulating the energetic body. 
  • It settles temperament swings. 

Notes: Stand doesn't come with the order. It's only for the display. 


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It is beautiful! Very happy

Came as pictured. It is beautiful! Very happy.