Crystal Bowl (Red Selenite)

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Our red selenite crystal bowl is a perfect addition to your home if you want to meditate in a tranquil environment. It is an extraordinary and profoundly adjusted precious Selenite crystal benefit as it can purify, clear, reactivate, and intensify other gems' energies. You can put your gems, gemstones, or gems on top of a Selenite charging plate for a couple of moments or the suggested least of 6 hours or left for the time being. 


The incredible vibration of Selenite stone benefits the psyche and soul and can clear, open, and initiate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is fantastic for a wide range of profound work. It is usually used to bring the best of luck and, in general, security. 

Red Selenite crystal has healing properties. The "Stone of Emotional Transformation" is an unprecedented healer that dives where it counts into the feelings. It has every one of the properties of White Selenite, interfacing much more firmly to the actual body, including being a magnificent precious stone for quickly moving hindered energy.

It prescribes to have when one is thinking about beginning another way. Selenite is one of only a handful few gems that shouldn't be purged or charged; it typically changes negative energy. Selenite pulls anything negative from where it sits.

  • Its size is almost 12 cm.
  • It is made of the best healing stone, red selenite.
  • The crystal bowl helps in charging your other crystals.
  • It helps in balancing the chakras.

Customer Reviews

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J Andreshki
Meditation therapy

Crystal bowls are also sometimes used in yoga and other spiritual practices, as well as in musical performances. This is often used in sound healing therapies and meditation practices.

Dear J Andreshki, Thank you for your review. Meditation therapy can be incredibly beneficial for both mental and physical health, so we're happy to hear that the crystal bowl can be used in this way.

Rial Da
Balances my woks

Helped me to keep me in track. After using it, somehow I got the capability of managing all of my own.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.