Divine Power Incense Stick

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Divine Power Incense stick has a new and stimulating smell which brings positive energies into your life and work to give you the positive energy to mend and eliminate all cynicism.


Hem Divine Power Incense contains almost 20 sticks. It is convincing Incense that makes an all-predominant air of strictness when performing a religious ritual. Breathe profoundly to clean the brain and soul. Charcoal plunged Incense with regular and fake oils.

It is a piece of the Hem incense Divine arrangement, comprised of the divine balance, blessings, power, and beauty of spirit. It is the best divine power Incense which is incredibly famous for the conventional incenses created from decision woods, gums, blossoms, and essential oils joined with care, giving you fine Divine Power Incense for your pleasure, services, and ceremonies.

This Incense assists you with treating individuals restoratively positively; the smell guarantees that wonderful energies will be available. The Incense removes all lousy energy for you, and instead, it gives you the positive to help recuperate. Divine Power Incense frequently signs for: 

  • Force 
  • Energy 
  • Strength 
  • Insurance 
  • Otherworldly 
  • Hand-made Incense of India. 
  • Each hex cylinder contains 20 sticks of value Divine Power Incense. 
  • Enticing aroma. 

Customer Reviews

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This is one of my favorite HEM incenses

It Has a gorgeous powdery, citrusy smell and does NOT give me a headache like some other scents.