Egyptian Musk Handmade Fresh Incense

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Musk is an ambrosial substance that is extracted from Musk's deer. Its use dates back to Ancient Egypt. Such a fascinating and well-known odor should not be ignored.
The worthy and earthy aroma of Egyptian Musk has attracted thousands of people from all over the globe. Decrease your anxiety and stress levels by simply burning them for 15-30 minutes in your room. You will notice the effects immediately.

Your mind will be calmer, and your muscles way more relaxed. This is the magic of our compelling handmade incense.

Feel free to burn this incense while you are enjoying quality time with your special someone, as it possesses the ability to evoke feelings of love, faith, and trust. Such a pleasant smell should be in everyone’s houses. You will notice an increased attention span whenever you are doing something. It is also well-known to evoke your creative spirit, which makes you more productive.

Everyone must make time for themselves every once in a while. What better way to practice self-care than relaxing your body and feeling lighter and happier towards the end. The Egyptian Musk and the positive vibes and energies it radiates are one of many reasons why it is so popular. Order today and do not miss out on such an intriguing fragrance

  • Enticing fragrance
  • Boosts energy and focus
  • Ideal gift for a loved one
  • Soothes your mind and lowers anxiety
  • A1 quality product
  • Great for meditation
  • 1 Pack: Approx 8-10 sticks
  • 3 Pack: Approx 8-10 sticks in each pack
  • Jumbo Pack: Approx 100-120 sticks



Customer Reviews

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Jolie Oliver
Packaging was deplorable

I ordered approximately 10 packs of incense and when I opened the envelope, the plastic sleeves were a mess of stickiness and oil, so much so that I could no longer read the identifying labels on a few of them due to smudging. I was forced to remove every stick from their sleeves and place them in different containers before use. What a bother.
I have no complaint regarding the incense itself. It is long-burning and smells nice.

Thank you for the detail review.
Actually hand made fresh incense do come with oil, that’s how it stays fresh and when you burn incense it smells strong. That’s the basic difference between dry incense and handmade incense.

Smells really good

Egyptian Musk has a fine, beautiful smell. The bundle is a nicely packed and good price.