Gold Stone Bracelet

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Every bracelet is hand-tailored from beads of Gold Stone, and slight contrasts may happen subsequently. Each chip compares 1.2cm across, and all are sporadically molded. As you can envision, when making bracelets from certified gemstones, every gemstone is distinctive, so every bracelet is remarkable. Be that as it may, all bracelets are handmade utilizing certifiable semi-valuable gold stones and give numerous medical advantages. Also, they look extraordinary on and praise all styles and outfits.


Pretty brilliant Goldstone bracelet with 8mm Goldstones and hung together on the tremendous movable versatile stretch line. Goldstone is supposed to be the stone of desire. It fabricates energy, mental fortitude, and an inspirational perspective. Our goldstone bracelet expands the drive and certainty of your spirit. Goldstone is a gemstone that helps the wearer to achieve his objective with less exertion. It makes the individual quiet and invigorates him with the goal that he may balance out his feelings.

Goldstone properties assist with decreasing stomach strain and advantages joint conditions. It is helpful to bones, agonizing joints, and dissemination. The goldstone jewelry is considered a security stone as the force maker and eliminates every one of the opposing forces and the undesirable energies. It is additionally well known for its recuperating properties as it rejuvenates the energy field of the person who wears it.

Goldstone healing properties bring a proper appeal and wealth for the wearer, making the soul feel energized. It assesses the danger and upgrades the certainty of the individual so he might be the champ. Our goldstone bracelet is utilized to eliminate hurting feelings, balances the critical psychological factor, and make the wearer more innovative. The goldstone bracelet balances the second chakra that is Sacral Chakra. Goldstone helps us in fostering the things that we need to show.

  • Removes the negative spirits.
  • Heal your soul and invigorates it.
  • Harmonizes the second chakra.
  • Eliminates stressful situations.

Customer Reviews

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Abul Kalam
Heal the soul

Invigorates the inner power and self esteem. It creates a different aurora of personality which wipe out the negative energies.

Dear Abul Kalam, Thank you for your review. This bracelet is designed to help heal the soul and invigorate the inner power and self esteem. It creates a different aurora of personality which can wipe out the negative energies.

Scott edward
Thanks “theincensepro”

U have great selection of crystals LOVELY!! Me and my wife got few bracelets all of them r spectacular!! We r in love with these gold stone bracelets! Will be back!!

We're so glad you're enjoying our selection of crystals! We love having options for those looking for a unique and stylish bracelet. Thanks for letting us know and we'll be sure to keep our jewelry selection updated.