Gucci Bamboo Body Oil (W)

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All your fantasies will come true once you get your hands on this enticing body oil! Our Gucci Bamboo fragrance oil is agile, extraordinary, and delicate, with a complex scent that reflects certainty and womanliness. Inhaling this lily-like smell that gives a quick impression, at last, makes your senses feel at ease as it has a stimulating impact on your olfactory system. The top notes are made up of Bergamot with soothing abilities. In contrast, middle notes contain Ylang, lily, and orange blossom that increases your satisfaction and concentration levels even when you feel extreme weariness. This pure body oil has base notes of Amber, Sandalwood, and Tahitian Vanilla that make the scent worthwhile during aromatherapy practices. The multi-layered ladies of today’s world who stay in action all the time must utilize this effortless and delicate scent to boost the strength and attentiveness in meditation. Do not waste any second and get this pure perfume oil to expose your senses to positivity, now!
  • 100% Pure Oil, phthalate, paraben, and sulfate-free.
  • Significant for each skin tone.
  • A1 quality body oil.
  • Strengthening aroma oils.
  • Budget-friendly body oil.

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Notes: High-quality body oil without any chemicals, alcohol, water, or cheap contents. This product is for external use only. If any reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately. No oils are associated with any designer or trademark.

Our huge collection of designer reproductions have the same inspiration & aroma as the expensive original for an affordable price. All are long-lasting fragrance body oils of maximum quality cosmetic perfume oils.

Warnings: Natural oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner before using. Not for internal use.


Customer Reviews

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Wagner Fagundes
Pure Body Oil

This oil has a long shelf life without the need for preservatives or other additives. And the texture of the oil is so smooth and non-greasy, making it easy to apply and absorb into the skin. I liked the quality of the oil.

Dear Wagner Fagundes, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed our Gucci Bamboo Body Oil and that the texture was smooth and non-greasy. We hope you'll continue to use it and enjoy the benefits it offers!