Hanging Brass Burners set

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High-quality metal embellished configuration hanging brass incense burner, wonderfully intended for religious practices. It has standard metal clean completion and riding with a metal chain. We are a producer for religious specialties.


These hanging incense burner benefits by helping the Incense spread out in the whole surroundings making your room smell heavenly. Strong cleaned brass with joined chain and rings for hanging. Durable, thick brass is sturdy – and an ideal holder for consuming your luxurious quality incense. It consumes charcoal or cone type Incense securely.

For tabletop use, our Large hanging incense burners are extremely useful. Strong brass is used to make these divine pieces that help hold Incense at almost every place. Brass-hanging incense burners are extraordinary for a healing impact on the soul. Hanging burners can be conveyed about the room or around an enchantment circle.

They are great for utilizing when you need to take the Incense from one space to another, as in a house otherworldly purging, and so on. You can leave it hanging in a fixed position as well; the decision is yours! These brass burners hold four chains tight each, around 9 inches in length. The incense burner is a little more than three creeps across and 4.5 inches tall with the cover. The incense burners have little star patterns on the top that permit the air to move about openly. This hanging brass incense burner is incredible for consuming charcoal with spices, gums, or powders, or you can utilize it for Incense Burner cones.

  • It helps to burn Incense properly.
  • Perfect for incredible home décor.
  • It is made of solid brass.
  • With decorated chains.
  • Allow some to break out from star cutouts.

Customer Reviews

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William Sullivan
Very nice burner

This really is a nice burner. Love the solid brass. Just what I was looking for.