Heart Shape Crystal Bowl (White Selenite)

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Our mainstream purifying Selenite bowl presently arrives in a wonderfully cut heart shape to give your precious stones that additional piece of affection. The purifying bowl is made out of Selenite. As Selenite purges different precious stones, you can utilize this heart-shaped bowl to scrub your assortment by putting them inside it. One of Selenite's properties is that it enhances and purges the energy of different precious stones. Selenite shouldn't be purified, and it usually changes negative energy.

It is the reason it is so helpful for purging and charging. Spot your gems on the Selenite bowl for a couple of hours. Leave your stones on Selenite as long as you wish; rocks love the Selenite's energy. We suggest keeping the precious stones, you utilize daily in your Selenite bowl for consistent purging. Never use your new precious stones to purify them. 

These spiritual Selenite bowls make a stylish showcase in your home. You can put your precious stone gems or other little tumbled gems in them. Due to their high vibration, Selenite bowls can purge your stones while carrying agreement to your home. 

Selenite heart-shaped crystal benefits by using an ideal method to re-energize your precious stones and to upgrade the positive energy in your body, psyche, and home. 

  • Its size is 12 cm.
  • A significant expansion to a sacred space. 
  • Incredible for use in reiki, making it an extraordinary blessing.
  • Selenite brings mental clearness and clears disarray. 
  • A wonderful present for anybody.

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Arafi Ahmed

Recommended spiritual purification to your soul.

Thank you!