Hem Call Money Incense Stick Hexa

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Hem incense sticks are carefully assembled to diffuse a hypnotizing scent that leaves you entranced with its virtue. It makes an ideal setting for any strict capacity or ritual and can likewise be utilized at home for its aroma. 


Money drawing incense goes about as a perfect friend during contemplation or a calm reflection. The regular fixings mixed in exact extents discharge a scent that leaves everybody feeling amazing in the world. 

Incense sticks that attract money that is also helpful as natural sanitizers that drive away creepy crawlies. They can be utilized regularly at your homes, workplaces, yoga to spread aroma, diffuse unsavory scents, and decontaminate the air around. It includes 100% normal and handcrafted incense sticks that create an arousing and intriguing climate and motivate certainty, idealism, and happiness.

People usually ask how to burn incense for luck and money. These Incense sticks are hand-created in India to guarantee a certifiable smell and are exceptionally great. Consuming incense is accomplished for various purposes, including spiritual enlightenment, aromatherapy, prosperity, etc. Call Money stick incense from Hem is scorched to make a positive, prosperous environment ideal for enabling your cash drawing wizardry. 

  • Our incense sticks are blend held sacred in many religions due to their effective purifying energies. Light this incense to offer your most profound devotion, which lasts for a more extended period.
  • Burning Time: 40-45 mins per stick.
  • Net Contents: 60 sticks
  • Pack Type: Hexagonal box
  • 6packs X 20 Sticks= 120 sticks 

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This is by far the BEST incense I have ever used. Finally, real incense, not dipped sticks posing as real.

Thank you