Hem Honey Rose Incense Hexa

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Our hem incense stick is ideal for petitions, reflection, yoga, and making your current circumstance sweet-smelling and lovely, accordingly adding to harmony and peacefulness.

Consuming Hem Honey Rose incense lessens hatred and envy, mitigates outrage, eases doubt, further develops blood flow, and assists with wretchedness, a sleeping disorder, and stress. Honey and rose Incense has a warm, exciting yet fragile, and somewhat smoky-sweet aroma. Honey rose assists us with getting back to the present by helping us with forgetting common issues.

Honey and Rose benefit you as it assists you with eliminating ineffective displeasure, disappointment, and trouble and changes it into the energy of personal growth. Honey and Rose likewise decrease disdain and envy, alleviate outrage, soothe doubt, further develop blood course, and assist with sadness, sleep deprivation, stress, and apprehensive pressure. At Hem Corporation, we endeavor to convey veritable hand-created Indian Incense across the world in an assortment of aromas that mix with each culture and custom. Through this, we seek to spread the message of affection and congruity.

A sweet mix of Honey and Rose aroma is a deal for Magic of adoration and influence. See our different assortments of incense sticks. Incense is partaken in from one side of the planet to the other. Light one incense stick, and the smell is in a split second spread around the room. 

  • It aids in spiritual activities.
  • It improves your senses through its aroma.
  • It accelerates positivity.
  • It invigorates your senses.

Customer Reviews

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Patsy brown
Great product

This is my new favorite incense, I’ve been experimenting trying to find some rose scents that I like. The red rose is a little to plain for me, the precious rose is ok but the honey rose is really nice