Hem Lilly Incense Hexa

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Pink lilies pass on numerous implications and have uncommon importance as far as parenthood. Agnostic Legend reveals that the precious lily incense meaning comes from the bosom milk of the Empress of Nature, Roman Great Goddess Juno. Greek Legend connects lily significance with birth, and it is an image for parenthood because the blossom was supposed to be made from the bosom milk of Hera.


Therefore the precious pink lily has specific significance in parenting, and a pink lily bouquet is regularly given to new moms. Among its numerous implications, pink lilies represent the goal and expectations that you aspire to achieve.

Pink lily benefits you spiritually and is regularly given to mothers since they are illustrative of commitment and companionship, yet expectation and goal. Pink lilies regularly pass on sensations of satisfaction. Lily has a waiting sweet and new scent for your home and sacred space.

The Hem Lily Incense Stick is the authority bloom for the long stretch of May. They go about as an ideal partner during contemplation or a calm reflection. Lilies Incense Sticks is a fantastic image of immaculateness and guiltlessness. Lily catches the waiting scent of these lovely blossoms, bringing their newness into your day and your life.

The aroma of Hem's Precious Lily Stick Incense is fantastic for making a light and tranquil climate.

  • It burns and purifies the surroundings.
  • It welcomes good luck and honesty.
  • It cleans the home and soul thoroughly.
  • The best gift for Mothers' day.

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