Hem Lime Lemon Incense Hexa

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We present you with our best-selling lime lemon incense sticks with an enticing aroma. Partake in the double, citrus support with lemon and lime incense. It is incredible to consume following a spring spotless and a mainstream summer incense to stir your faculties. It allows you to make the ideal mindset for unwinding. Lemons and limes are an incredible citrus fragrance ideal for refining yet also figure out how to keep mosquitoes at a significant stretch outside in the nursery and the house.


Hem Lemon Lime Incense Sticks appear to be a promotion of the wild newness of "Lemons." Our lime and lemon incense reaches and moves the spirit. Composed individuals, who prefer the essential things in this series, appreciate aromas that stand up by the effortlessness and transparency in their scent design. Lime Lemon Incense has a sharp new citrus fragrance.

Lime lemon incense benefits you as it diminishes weariness and touchiness, tones and helps center consideration. Thought to add to the progress of the energy in a room, it can be utilized for healing after difficult work, reinforcing the insusceptible framework, adjusting feelings, uneasiness alleviation, and a general state of mind enhancer. This incense is a charcoal perfumed, plunged stick.

The Lime and Lemon fragrance is new and will light up any room! Lime improves readiness and creates self-assuredness, whereas lemon stimulates craving and soothes pressure. 

  • It is hand-Rolled. 
  • It has a happy Aroma.
  • It is the Best quality incense.
  • It is a nature-friendly incense stick.

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Good product, fast delivery. Light, pleasant scent. And they fit in all of my holders.