Hem Moon Incense Hexa

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Production of incense is holy artistry, and the technique to make them gets through a consistent enthusiasm and commitment to conveying the best scent for our faculties. This hem Incense advances unwinding, recovery, unwavering focus, fearlessness, and conclusiveness in real life. The Moon incense sticks are known by their Indian name of chand, from the Sanskrit word “Candra,” sparkling or silver.


The Moon HEM incense has a new and light fragrance with a trace of menthol. As per the producers of the moon incense, the shiny sparkle of charm has intrigued man through the ages. In the cool whirls of this incense, you can encounter snapshots of ecstatic peacefulness as your psyche stays new and free. Moon incense sticks have an excellent and fresh aroma, with sharp flower notes and balsamic suggestions.

The Moon incense uses include its utilization in making a quiet environment. When placed in a moon incense holder, this incense is an incredible apparatus to loosen up yourself in the wake of a difficult day or can be utilized as a fantastic unwinding instrument; the Moon is likewise extraordinary for reflection. You will quickly realize these incense are excellent the second you open the pack and the fragrance of these hand-rolled, imported incense meet your nose. It is ideal for custom, mediation, or liven up your home or holy space. 

  • These incense will last up to 1/2 hour apiece 
  • It soothes your senses.
  • It aids in meditation.
  • It provides spiritual enlightenment.

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Hannah Garrett
Arrived super quick and is adorable

This is the absolute best scent!! I will definitely be buying several bags for the next order.