Hem Opium Incense Hexa

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The fragrance of opium incense can be depicted as colorful, musky, and hot. It's a decontaminating aroma utilized for purging, motivating energy, and strengthens your soul. Hem Opium Incense Hexa is extraordinary compared to other incense prevalently used in meditation. Opium is intended to actuate a quiet perspective.


The aroma portrays a genuine opium sensation - rich Indian Spices and intriguing botanical forces. Just light one end of our opium incense stick and trust that the tip will gleam. Then at that point, victory the fire and spot it in an incense holder.

Opium is sweet botanical incense with a trace of soft musk and zest. The aroma of opium can be depicted as fascinating, musky, and fiery. It's a sanitizing aroma utilized for purifying, moving energy and strength.

Opium incense benefits you as it establishes a quieting climate, useful for unwinding. It is additionally notable for initiating rest and dreams. This aroma is both refreshing and profoundly elevating or your soul. This incredible mental-body assortment pack of opium incense sticks can be utilized in a consecutive request to empower constructive outcomes of aromatherapy. Beginning with the opium aroma, it aids to repulse negative feelings in the early evening to actuate zing and warmth and utilize the opium scent around evening time scent for a decent night's rest. 

  • It mends the whole self.
  • Assists with unwinding.
  • It diminishes mental concerns.
  • It speeds up focus. 
  • A positive environment lessens sorrow and migraines.

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Edi Winson
Love it

Got the full pack. Loving it.

Thank you for your review! We're so glad you're enjoying our Hem Opium Incense Hexa.