Hem Tuberose Incense Stick Hexa

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Hem Tuberose Incense Stick Hexa emanates a fragrance exactly like natural tuberose flowers. Hem incense sticks are hand-rolled by experts without any chemicals or additives that would make later the real tuberose scent. Creating incense sticks is a sacred art well understood and revered by Hem.


Every worker is dedicated and puts love into creating every incense stick to deliver the best fragrance consistently. As a result, hem Tuberose Hexa has a precious, luxurious, and pretty fragrance that leaves your space smelling divine for a long period. These incense sticks last for hours, and even after they burn out, the fragrance remains as if it is fresh.

These are widely used for aromatherapy and are an effective stress reliever since the scent is soothing. Your nerves will loosen, and your mind will clear away from any disturbances. You can focus on yourself.

Hem Precious Tuberose Hexa has a fragrance that takes you to the time of blossoming Spring, and sensual energy spreads all over the space.

  • Each box includes 20 incense sticks made with love carefully
  • The scent will leave you spellbound with its purity
  • Spreads positive energy and alleviates low vibrations
  • The perfect stress-reliever
  • Each Incense Stick is manufactured using natural ingredients
  • It will burn between 30-40 minutes depending upon conditions
  • Each packet contains 20 Incense Sticks
  • Each Incense Stick is 9 inches in length
  • Each Box contains 6 packets
  • Precious Tuberose incense sticks.
  • Fragrance of Tuberose
  • Burning Time: 35-40 mins
  • Hand Crafted with Quality Fragrance.

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Margaret J. Case
Great Shop

Genuinely couldn’t recommend it enough! The customer service is amazing, I’m so obsessed with the white incense. I love this store so much!.

Thank you!