Hematite Bracelet

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Hematite is a great crystal for grounding and balancing strength. It can assist one clear away confusion and focus the mind. Hematite will aid in calming emotions to allow for the rational concept and decision making. It calms mental stress. Since magnets are believed to promote blood circulation, heal arthritis and pains, this hematite bracelet is very popular among people. With durable elastic, the bracelet is easy to slip to your wrist, and one size fits most.

It is ideal to be tourism souvenir, business gift, employee benefits, etc.


  • Color: Deep Grey black
  • Material: Hematite.
  • Grounding & Strength
  • Hematite is an iron oxide mineral.
  • Effective when used as a shield. Powerful tool for integrating the shadow self.
  • Lends courage & perseverance in adversity.
  • Brings balance, stability & focus.
  • Transmutes negative energies.  
  • Counteracts spaciness & confusion.
  • Helps in feelings of abandonment.
Package Include: 1 Pc Bracelet
Note: Order might come little different than the picture as it is a handmade item.

Customer Reviews

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Siraj Bepari
Controls emotions

Stabilizes the emotional behaviors and clams the other senses related to the full body chakra.
It works as a shield against the negative energies.

Dear Siraj Bepari, Thank you for your review! Hematite is a great way to control emotions and stabilize the emotional behaviors. It also helps to protect against the negative energies.

Nicky Inhas
Good price good quality

Loved it. Good quality n good price. I got some cluster crystal too!
Loving them!!

Thank you for the review! We're glad you're happy with the product!