Ninon Essential Toothpaste

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Ninon herbal essential toothpaste is all-natural created from ingredients including eucalyptus, limonene, and chamomile. It offers total oral and dental care to aid in whitening the teeth and preventing tartar. Herbal toothpaste is perfect for oral hygiene and good health as the combination of aloe vera, tea tree, saffron, lime, and ginger kills all bacteria and germs. Using this toothpaste regularly helps remove any stains, whiten and strengthen the teeth and gums. Since this toothpaste is chemical-free and created from natural ingredients, it has no harmful effects. As the name suggests, it is a blend of herbs and mint for a refresh, clean feeling, and fresh breath.

Using organic toothpaste is a wise and healthier option for those who wish to decrease or eliminate the number of chemicals that other toothpaste include and can potentially endanger your overall health and weaken your general oral health.

Herbal toothpaste contains anti-inflammatory agents that help get rid of dangerous bacteria, such as aloe vera, lemon, tea tree, saffron, and ginger. Perfect for your entire family

  • Vegetable base
  • 100% Fluoride-free
  • Perfect for healthy teeth and gums
  • Free of dyes and artificial flavors

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