Incense stick-Vanilla

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Incense stick vanilla is known for its nostalgic, calming, and pleasant scent. Vanilla is a fragrance well known as associative with ones’ childhood which brings the mind peaceful energy. Vanilla incense sticks are an aromatherapeutic product infused with vanilla oil that proves to be very beneficial.


It is a famous antioxidant that also aids in lessening inflammation. Its sweet and pleasurable scent helps soothe your senses and help alleviate depression. The fragrance that the smoke emanates throughout the space helps boost creativity due to its positive energy. It even helps mask off any unpleasant odor that may have been in your space. Vanilla incense is excellent for burning while praying or meditating since it focuses the mind and soul towards joy, prosperity, healing, and feeling enlightened.

It may even result in physical and mental arousal since the creamy fragrance can make you feel enchanted and seductive by the sensual atmosphere that it creates. All of the positive energy that it emanates may stimulate good luck.

  • Promotes relaxation
  • It helps create a stressful happy environment
  • Sweet and nostalgic aroma
  • May stimulate good luck

Customer Reviews

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There are 7 in a pack. The statement did not write like that. I've been disappointed.

Hi, this incense is from HEM brand, we go by what the parent company states.

Smells Wonderful

These smell wonderful and the box is large enough that I don't hesitate using them often.