Japanese Incense- Cedarwood

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Morning Star Incense is one of the most widely used incense brands since it does not use bamboo core which helps it create pure scented incense sticks.

Cedarwood is a mighty tree overflowing with healing energy. It symbolizes spiritual tenacity. Its woody cedar scent is infused with bergamot, oakmoss, amber, and patchouli, resulting in a woody-earthy fragrance. Years ago, it was medically used to overcome headaches, flu, colds, etcetera; however, it is now used as incense instead of being internally consumed due to its raw energy.


These incense sticks are the best as they are famous for their cleansing, purifying, and potent properties. Cedarwood is known to be anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. The aroma represents prosperity, love, security, and healing.

It is a beautiful incense to burn while meditating and praying to practice positive energy. The environment that it creates and its tone may help you overcome any illness over time if you let the healing power surround you.

  • Spreads positive energy
  • It has healing properties
  • It has a woody-earthy fragrance
  • It represents spiritual strength

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My favorite scent at the moment

Smells amazing will order again when I am out! Very happy - unique incense sticks with a wonderful fragrance.