Japanese Incense- Green Tea

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Japanese Incense- Green Tea


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Green tea is a widely consumed drink due to its various beneficial properties, such as antioxidants that improve brain function. Hence, using green tea as an incense spreads its calming aroma in your living space for a therapeutic environment. Morning Star Incense is a well-known famous Japanese incense brand that promises high-quality incense.


Green tea incense is used throughout Asia, especially in China, for a thousand years. Burning up these incense sticks boosts your relaxation, massage, yoga, meditation, or prayer time since its aroma is so soothing and brings your mind to ease. Morning star sticks provide a pure green tea aroma as they aren’t infused with a bamboo core.

The smoke from the incense proves to be very beneficial for the soul as it has disinfectant properties that help clear out the atmosphere. It helps you feel Zen and helps clear your mind enhancing focus spiritually and mentally. It may make you feel refreshed, help soothe any tensions, and get rid of headaches. The aroma helps achieve balance and harmony.

  • Pure green tea scent
  • Aids in spiritual clarity
  • Helps become stress-free
  • Disinfectant properties
  • Spreads a Zen energy