Japanese Incense- Sandalwood

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Japanese Incense Sandalwood is derived from sandalwood oil that is majorly used as a source of healing for rituals, aromatherapy, and spiritual peace.

Morning Star incense does not use bamboo core; hence, it has a very clean burn, less smoke, and emanates the pure sandalwood scent. The aroma transports you into the peaceful temples of Japan, and you feel relaxed and stress-free.

Sandalwood is known to be an exotic wood due to its scent and beneficial qualities. It is most prized for its precious oil. These sticks are burned both indoors and outdoors.

The fragrance they give off is fresh, earthy, and subtle. Sandalwood is excellent for health as it releases natural antiseptics that purify the space, which lessens any tension or worry. It is commonly used for meditation, yoga, rituals, or any such spiritual activity that helps you connect with the earth.

Sandalwood can also be used outdoors to refrain the mosquitos or any similar insects from coming near. Combing sandalwood with floral scents like lavender creates a heavenly fragrance. Burning sandalwood may also help you sleep since it may help you get rid of insomnia, intensify your manifestation, and enhance your senses.

  • It promotes relaxation and concentration
  • It helps alleviate negative energy
  • It may improve sleep
  • It smells fresh and earthy
  • Scent: Sandalwood
  • Burn Time: Approx. 25 Minutes
  • Sticks Size: 4.75" Long
  • Packaging: 50 sticks per pack
  • Comes with a ceramic tile burner

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