Japanese Incense - White Plum

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Would you like to relax with the sweet, floral scent of white plum blossoms?

Japanese Incense - White Plum offers 120 sticks of low-smoke incense, perfect for filling any room with a calming aroma. Made in Japan, this incense is sure to please.

Here are some of the features that our customers love:

- 120 sticks in the box: You can enjoy the scent of white plum blossoms for a long time.

- Morning star Gardenia incense is low-smoke incense: It won't fill your room with smoke, making it perfect for those who are sensitive to smoke.

- Made in Japan: This means that you can trust the quality of the product.

If you're looking for a high-quality incense that will fill your home with the sweet scent of white plum blossoms, then Japanese Incense - White Plum is the perfect product. Order now and start enjoying the benefits of this relaxing incense.

Customer Reviews

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Rishi Sundar
Floral Scent

The incense lasts long and has a really sweet floral scent. Also famous for use in rituals.

Dear Rishi Sundar, Thank you for your review of Japanese Incense - White Plum. We're glad you found it to be a pleasing scent and enjoyed using it in rituals.