Juniper Smudge Bundle- 4”

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Among different types of smudge sticks, juniper smudge is the top liked. Juniper is a sweet-smelling evergreen plant scorched as fragrant incense or a smirch that has the natural capacity to scrub the environmental factors and pull in sure impacts while avoiding negative energy. Juniper is accepted to prepare for detestable spirits and diseases and is as often as possible to recuperate properties. Juniper has a sweet and fiery "Christmas tree" aroma and plentiful blueberries. Like Cedar, Juniper is presumably quite possibly the most antiquated plant. Juniper is said to have masculine, defensive energy and is utilized in spells of purging and thriving.

Juniper smoke has cleansing impacts on your soul, making you spiritually strengthened. Juniper is best used for gift another endeavor or abiding and welcoming in wealth. Juniper smudge bundle is a significant piece of numerous hallowed ceremonies. Juniper is likewise used to scrub and purge spaces. It is utilized for assurances against detestable powers and individuals. For aromatherapy, the berries are refined, dried or part of the way dried to yield both essential oil and hydrosol. It is utilized for recuperating profound disorder.

Juniper is helpful for adoration spells. Like a cedar smudge stick, this Juniper Sage Smudge Stick will permit you to invigorate and purge your space as per that custom. It will bring the advantages of juniper. As you light the smear stick and the sweet smoke fills the air, you will want to detect the dispersal of negative energy. It lifts the weight of antagonism and reassures you. Get this top-notch, painstakingly packaged Juniper Sage Smudge Stick today!

  • Sweet fragrance blueberries.
  • Bring protective energy.
  • Used in cleansing spells.
  • Leaves used in smudging are good luck charms.
  • Juniper berries are popular in good luck charms, while the leaves are often used for smudging.
  • Juniper is best used for blessing a new venture or dwelling and inviting it in abundance.

Customer Reviews

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Nurjahan Sriti
Soothing fragrance

This is really good to spread charm around the people and induces good luck with very mild and sweet scent.

Dear Nurjahan Sriti, Thank you for your review! We're glad you like the Juniper Smudge Bundle- 4.

Leann H. Pitcher
Quality Products

My package arrived safely, the smudging sticks were wrapped beautifully in holiday themed wrapping. I come to this shop often for my smudging needs, the quality is consistent & great.

Thank you!