Lorece Negocio Oil

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Wear it as a fragrance wherever you wish and let your business dealings become effective and success gaining. Wear it all the ideal opportunity for goodness and command over day-by-day circumstances throughout everyday life.


You can apply the Lorece Negocio Oil on your wrists, chest, temple, or neck for enlightening your soul and senses. You can likewise use this oil to dress a wish/intention candle to expand the force of the candle-consuming custom.

Make this spiritual oil a part of your daily contemplation activities to give your spiritual faculties a lift to begin a day with inspiration and goodness. Our Lorece Negcio Oil benefits as it has an alluring smell that improves your concentration, so you can perform rituals and customs well.

The time has come to get effective! It would help if you enhanced your business transactions with more clarity of mind and consideration. You can gain the calmness, peace, and warmth of your soul using our Lorece Negocio Oil.

  • Blooms your business.
  • Scented oil for gaining success.
  • Used in rituals and religious activities.
  • Inspires you to get positivity.

Customer Reviews

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Chino Diaz
Success oil

This oil bloomed my business by using it in my body. Daily use of this spiritual oil can have effect of good luck.

Dear Chino Diaz, Thank you for your review of Lorece Negocio Oil! We're glad to hear that it's been helping you with your business.


This is an amazing product. Wear it all the time for power and control over daily situations in life.