Lotus Incense Cone

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As beautiful as lotuses are, their scent is not any different. Floral aromas are the most in-demand nowadays as they help you bring nature’s aura to home. They always have been one of the most wanted scents.


The reason being, flowery smells are known to bring out emotional clarity. Lotus scent can help with mindfulness and clear any emotional clutter in one’s mind. You can also burn it in your office to promote a more productive and happier environment.

It is a perfect aid to bring focus to whatever you are doing. Be it an assignment, a project, or household chores, Lotus Incense Cone is known to relax one’s mental and physical state. Promote your creativity and alertness and try this refreshing scent from our wide range of Incense Cones. You can even meditate to it for inner peace and outer harmony. Just like other incenses, it possesses many spiritual benefits. It banishes evil quickly and keeps you and your belongings protected and secure. Invest in it to amplify friendships and your relations with others. Order now at Incense Pro!

  • Cone Incense
  • 10 Incense Cones in each pack
  • 12 packs in each box
  • Calming and Meditative
  • Relaxing aura
  • Perfect for aromatherapy lovers

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Fonzie Graziano
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Love the scent. Fast delivery. Very pleased.