Mandala- Sun And Moon Tapestry

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Since the beginning, mandalas have turned into a valued device utilized by Buddhists for contemplation. If you want to use a mandala for reflection, you can hang a Mandala Sun and Moon Tapestry embroidered artwork.

The colorful sun moon tapestry artistry will help you remember the circle of life as the interconnection between the watchers and objects. It is an elegant piece of art that carries astronomical appeal to your number one space.

Sun and Moon embroidered artwork with lively shading and vivid example configuration will upgrade your home's creative air. It is premium quality Sun and Moon woven artworks produced by using Polyester that is skin-accommodating and durable, High-definition advanced printing and durable colors. 

These Vivid Sun and Moon Tapestries Wall Hanging are ideal for home, coffeehouse, office, and so forth; they can be utilized as Photography Backdrop, Wall Art, Beach Towel, Blanket, etc.

mandala tapestry views as an exceptionally supportive one for reflection. It is highly acceptable that basic and complicated examples of a mandala helps improve concentration and fixation while ruminating. It likewise keeps your psyche liberated from negative considerations. At the point when you're noticing a mandala intently, you become more mindful of your psyche mind and see how things are subliminally occurring around you. 

Sun Moon tapestry fortifies your intuitive abilities and self-appreciation. You come out a better and careful individual by reflecting with mandalas. Sun and Moon in a mandala imply the entire universe. It is the image of expectation, light, life, and energy. Having a sun mandala around you helps in supporting all types of life. 

  • Its size is 148x 130 cm.
  • The burning sun tapestry is made of Polyester.
  • Vibrant colored mandala.
  • Mystic tapestry mandala design.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Dapling
Sun-Moon Tapestry

This colorful mandala has a vivid color pattern to attract and fortifies intuitive energy in people's mind.

Dear Ryan Dapling, This tapestry is perfect for people who want to focus on their intuition and spiritual growth. The vibrant colors and calming pattern will help to improve concentration and reduce stress.

Edith F. Moore
Beautiful packaged

Very beautiful and the quality is perfect! The customer service was exceptional anytime I had any questions. THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you!