Mandala- Yin Yang Tapestry

  • Mandala- Yin Yang Tapestry

Mandala- Yin Yang Tapestry


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Our Yin Yang Mandala is our solitary customary Yin Yang style woven artwork. The Yin Yang Mandala weds the old-style Yin Yang image to the conventional mandala plan and addresses the two shadows, gentility, the box of a wave (yin), and splendor, energy, and development (yang).


Our tapestry is a beautiful addition to your room as a wall-hanging and brings positive vibes instantly due to its yin yang style. The yin yang is designed in the center and looks unique, creating a relaxing environment at your home. When you get a sight of this fantastic decoration piece, you will feel the energies of the world that surround you.

This Wall Hanging lifts any space by adding surface, measurement, and a characteristic look and feel. We have created very delicate microfiber, hand-sewn completed edges, and a sublimation printing innovation to detail each shade of shading while never blurring. Advanced realism is taken from individual work.

This lovable fine art tapestry can't be found elsewhere; it is a unique and motivating plan. This embroidered artwork will give your room's divider a great spiritual viewpoint. Get this unique and exceptional embroidery today! Incredible blessing thought for yourself as well as other people! 

  • Size is 150x100 cm
  • Imported product beautifully crafted.
  • Made in India.
  • It can be used for wall hanging, beach coverup, window curtain, wall décor, and other décor purposes.
  • A perfect gift for your loved ones.