Rose Shape Mini USB Air Humidifier

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Do you experience the ill effects of dry skin, irritation, dry throat, or are continually sniffling because of an extended stay at elevation, living in dry conditions, or even just being in a cooled room? Humidify your current circumstance and live more serenely with Rose Shape Air Humidifier.


The humidifier atomizes water into excellent particles utilizing high-recurrence ultrasonic wavering innovation to keep your home new and fragrant from summer to winter. Rest better, inhale better, forestall dry sinuses and nosebleeds, and recuperate dry skin. Rose Shape Ultrasonic Air Humidifier promises better air and better life. You cannot add essential oils as the particles of this oil are excessively huge, which will shut out the haze hole.

Our best Mini USB air humidifier is compact and an all-rounder, small-sized and convenient plan that is simple to haul around. Ideal for home, office, vehicle, or travel, child bedroom, yoga studio, exercise center, porch or inn, and so forth Ultra-quiet: clamor is lower than 35DB, so it's anything but a tranquil sound and capacity, and in no way, shape or form impact your rest and work. Safe forestalling void terminating, capacity will be your activity; consequently, stop following 4 hours without hurting. Saturates while in a hurry or in any event, when sleeping or for wellbeing and humidifier. It helps to improve air quality.

Diffusers spread the benefits of aromatherapy oils to battle complex microbes and organisms that humidify dry air, which improves your sleep and wellbeing. Imaginative rose shape recognizes from another ordinary form; it's anything but a lovely adornment around your work area or at home.

  • Fueled by USB (DC 5V), it is compact with a force bank.
  • It tends to be put anyplace you need.
  • Without a water tank idea, you can utilize any reasonable water tanks you like.
  • This humidifier makes cool fog which adds dampness to your indoor air to dispense with dryness.
  • Very calm activity, appropriate for home, office, inn, bistro, school, etc.
  • Brilliant Christmas/New Year/birthday present or present for family members, companions, instructors, and cohorts.

Customer Reviews

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Jinlong Han
Portable device

It's the smaller version of the large air diffuser. Very cool and easy to handle. Top of that the design is also nice. It can change the air every now and then.

Dear Jinlong Han, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you like the Rose Shape Mini USB Air Humidifier and that it's easy to use and looks nice too.

Manual Maesa

Small-sized, easily transportable and well designed to remove negative air quality. It enhances and enrich the air of room with aroma and helps to spread all over the places.

Dear Manual Maesa, Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that you like our Rose Shape Mini USB Air Humidifier.


Easy to use and looks quite pretty on my bedside table.