Myrrh Resin Incense

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Myrrh resin is frequently utilized as incense but, on the other hand, is utilized in natural medication or body care plans. Myrrh improves your spirituality that involves its use as myrrh incense sticks. It can be utilized alone or mixed into an incense mix.


Myrrh is a characteristic resin removed from various little, prickly trees of the species “Commiphora myrrha.” Myrrh tar has been utilized from the beginning of time as aroma, incense, and medication. After collecting, the gum turns hard and shiny with an unmistakably bitter taste and smell. The gum is yellowish-brown and might be clear or hazy.

Myrrh resin burning gives out a sense of spiritual enlightenment that connects you to the spiritual world. The exceptionally valued gum is still much pursued, especially for its calming impact on the upper respiratory framework, stomach-related plot, skin, gum sickness, and then some! With its smoky, natural fragrance, myrrh has a long history as a top choice among all societies returning to its first revelation in the furthest reaches of time.

A local to Ethiopia and Somalia, Myrrh incense benefits the Egyptians in treating. As an incense consumed during incinerations and memorial services to camouflage, any mess smells up through the fifteenth century.

Myrrh is supposed to be one of the vital fixings in the legendary Egyptian aroma Kyphi. Myrrh resin benefits to bless rulers and fragrance textures for those heading out to sacred spots. 

  • It is used in ayurvedic treatments.
  • It treats medical problems.
  • It relieves your stress.
  • It is useful in aromatherapy.

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Manny Pacquiaoming
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Love the fresh smell. Will buy again.

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Myrrh Resin Incense

I Am So Very Happy With The Myrrh Resin Incense Thank You So Much Bless You Incense Pro For Your Products🙏🏾

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Shay Jones
Love the Smell!

I always love ordering from incense pro minus the mail wait time! The resin are always nicely prepared and easy to use with my charcoal disc for burning.

Looking forward to your next business....until then stay safe...stay blessed!!

Lala Traifalgar
Strong & long lasting smell

Nice, fragrant smell. Mixes very well with frankincense. I ordered this myrrh incense to burn in my living incense burner and the smell is very wonderful and provides a nice background in the room